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1309, 2021

Golf Tournament – 4 Tips to Get Started

Many charities enjoy organizing golf tournaments to raise money for specific causes. They are a great way for golfers to give back while also enjoying some friendly competition with friends and colleagues. Of course, there

1209, 2021

5 Tips to Improve Your Golf Game

The sport of golf has been played for hundreds of years all over the world. The roots of the modern form of the game, involving playing 18 holes, began in Scotland in 1457. There is

1007, 2021

Day of Preparations for Your Golf Tournament

A charitable tournament can take months to plan, and the day of the tournament arrives faster than you think. Will you be ready? We share our top pieces of advice to make the day of

405, 2021

Family Reunion Planning DIY

Organizing a family reunion on a budget doesn’t have to break the bank and it can be a whole lot of fun. The Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area is a perfect spot for gathering and spending