The Courses at Andrews are an essential part of the Base Recreation Program. The complex is managed and maintained in a relaxed “country club” atmosphere.

The golf courses are normally open for play seven days a week, from 0730 until dusk, Monday through Friday, and 0700 until dusk on Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays. All seasonal changes in the operational hours are posted throughout the clubhouse.

We offer our patrons two 18 hole championship golf courses known as the “East” and “South” courses.   

Effective 4 Dec 2023 – 29 February 2024 WEEKDAYS WEEKENDS
Admin Office 0900-1630 CLOSED
Pro Shop 0900-1700 0900-1700
Griff’s Place Kitchen OPEN Tues-Sun 1130-1700 OPEN Tues-Sun 1130-1700
Griff’s Place Lounge OPEN Tues-Sun 1130-1900 OPEN Tues-Sun 1130-1900
Course 0900-1700 0900-1700
Practice Facilities 0900-1700 0900-1700
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• Active and retired members of the Armed Forces and their family members

• Civilian employees working for the Federal Government and their dependent family members.  Proof of employment status (civilian ID card) must be verified.

• Refunds are only permitted to active duty personnel and only for pcs purposes.  Copy of official orders is necessary for reimbursement.


• Authorized Users:  Military, DoD civilians, and their dependent family members.  (Proper ID must be presented)

• Civilian Guest:  Authorized personnel may sponsor civilian guests. In an attempt to keep traffic flow at a minimum, and to make your entry as easy as possible, we suggest all golfing patrons enter the base through the Virginia Avenue Gate, located off Old Alexander Ferry Rd. We continue to encourage and support guest play. Your guest must present a photo ID to the installation entry controller for access to the Golf Course.

All requests for golf tournaments, team matches, social events to be conducted at The Courses will be accepted by written application to the Golf Course General Manager.  Tournaments must have a minimum participation of 40 players.  Management reserves the right to cancel scheduled tournaments if the minimum of 40 players is not met.  Shotgun starts will only be approved for groups of 72 players or more.  Contact our Catering Department for particulars at (301) 736-4594.
All personnel who play on The Course will abide by the Rules of Golf as formulated by the United States Golf Association (USGA), and comply with any local rules.

FAMILY MEMBERS:  Family members between 8 and 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult when playing the course, including practice greens and practice areas.

PRIORITY of PLAY:  Priority of play will be given to foursomes.  The starter may at his/her discretion, depending on the amount of play, allow threesomes, twosomes, or singles to play.

RULES ENFORCEMENT:  Course marshals/starters and course management are responsible for enforcing the rules.  They have the authority to request any player to leave the course for infractions of rules.

OTHER RESTRICTIONS:  Bicycles are not allowed on the course, inside the Golf Course Clubhouse, on the patio, or on any sidewalk area.  Picnics are not authorized anywhere on the course.

RAIN CHECKS:  Rain checks will not be given unless the course is closed for unplayable conditions.