The sport of golf has been played for hundreds of years all over the world. The roots of the modern form of the game, involving playing 18 holes, began in Scotland in 1457. There is a broad appeal for golf – the competitiveness of the sport, the socializing with good friends, and enjoying a beautiful day out in nature on the course. It’s also a great sport for exercise as well – as a round of golf will more than help you meet your 10,000 steps per day goal. If you’ve been enjoying golf and are looking to improve, the following five tips will help you improve your game.

Set reasonable goals

You’ve decided to improve your swing, but you want to putt better, too. Experts say it’s best to start small and work up. If you have a number of things you want to improve – your stance, your posture, your grip, your swing, your golf handicap, and more – it can be overwhelming to tackle fixing everything at once. Instead, pick one or two things and work on them first. Practice then practice some more, then move on to the next goal.

Choose equipment that fits

Having the right golf gear can make a difference in how comfortable you are in playing the game and affect how far and straight you can hit the ball. A Golf Pro or golf instructor can help you special order the gear or special club you might need when you’re ready to up your game. They can also tell you what accessories to prioritize and which ones are less important.

Commit to practicing

Golf is a game where results are not often found overnight. What you may learn about improving your swing may take a while to make it into your muscle’s memory. It’s easy to get in the habit of swinging a certain way, and it takes effort and practice to reteach your body what a new stance or swing feels like. Trying something new may feel awkward at first, which makes the practice all the more important. Once you learn a new skill, you’ll need the time to make it a habit so it becomes second nature.

Seek out golf instruction

An experienced golf instructor can help evaluate how you play and offer suggestions, exercises, and new ways of doing things. Get everything you can out of each lesson by arriving on time and even a little early so you can relax and warm up. Once you’ve chosen an instructor be sure to tell them what’s not working for you and what skills you’d like to work on. Does your ball always hit to the left? Or, do you get hung up in the rough after a long drive? They can help diagnose what might help. Be open to the new ideas they suggest and ask questions if you don’t understand. Your instructor will be able to show and explain the reasoning behind what strategies they are suggesting to help your golf game.

Be patient and have fun

Be patient and gentle with yourself if you’re not seeing instant progress in your game. It takes determination, practice, and time. Chalk up the times the ball goes the opposite way you intend as positive steps towards playing and hitting the ball straighter in the future. It takes time and practice, but progress does come!

We can help

The Courses at Andrews offers 54 holes of golf to practice your game year-round and has a fully stocked Golf Pro Shop which can order any golf gear or accessories you might need. Visit our online tee-time scheduler to set up your time. In addition, we offer golf instruction for all ages – whether you’re looking for a group or private lesson. Contact us today to learn more about playing golf on the course where the president plays.