**2022 Annual Greens Fee Player**

Rules and Regulations

As Annual Greens Fee players “AGF” we ask that you take time to read and understand the rules of The Courses at Andrews, hereafter referred to as “TCA”. All players will be held to the same standard of conduct including all guests and non-AGF players.

Golf Shop & Clubhouse Hours

Golf shop hours will be clearly posted by season on the course webpage, the course Facebook page, and on the doors to the Pro Shop.

No individuals or groups shall remain on TCA property after the Clubhouse and Restaurant have closed.

Tee Times

Tee times can be made 14 days in advance. Exemptions must be approved by Manager.

Walk in tee times will be accommodated as best as possible but will not be guaranteed.

Tee Time preference will always be given to those with pre-booked times.


Employees will not be subjected to abuse, verbally or otherwise, by any golfers or visitors to the clubhouse. Any issues regarding employee behavior should be brought to the attention of a Clubhouse Manager.

No Show Policy

All players should make every reasonable effort to cancel their tee times with more than 24 hours advance notice. Tee times that are not cancelled for reasons other than weather will be considered a no-show. After 2 consecutive no-show reservations the booking AGF will have their tee time booking privileges suspended for 30 days. During this time the players only available process for booking will be walk-ons and day of reservations.

Golf Course Restrictions

Golf course restrictions will be posted clearly in the golf shop when checking in. These restrictions could include: Cart Path Only, 90 Degree Rule in Effect, Walking Only, Frost Delay, Etc. All reasonable accommodations will be made to alert players as soon as possible but it is encouraged for players to call the pro shop, download the JBA app, or check the course Facebook page for current course conditions or closure.

At all times players are to remain 30 feet from the greens surface. Players who have physical limitations will need to clearly display a Handicap Flag. If the player is unable to furnish their own flag, one can be acquired from the Pro Shop.

No players should park in the front of the green. This area is already the most heavily played from area on most golf courses and soil compaction from golf carts stunts turf growth and contributes to poor chipping conditions.

Practice on the course is prohibited and should be reserved for the practice range only. Chipping multiple balls from the green surrounds and fairways is not allowed.

Golf Cart Policy

Players are expected to ride together in one cart when sharing the same tee time. Players wishing to ride alone in 2022 will be charged an additional $10 Single Rider Fee. This fee is also applicable to Unlimited Cart Fee players. When checking in to the Pro Shop it is the players responsibility to alert the Pro Shop they wish to ride alone on a cart and pay the applicable fee. If a player does not alert the pro shop and does not pair up on carts with the other players in their group, they agree to be charged the fee to their account. The only exceptions for this fee are:

  • Single player tee times where there is only one player in the booked tee time
  • The third player in a group of three

TCA reserves the right to temporarily suspend single rider cart availability based on course usage.

Cart fees are valid for either 9 or 18 holes. Greens fees are all day. If a player wishes to play more holes after their original cart fee has been used, they are responsible for coming back to the pro shop and paying the additional fees. Failure to do will result in the additional cart fee being charged to the player’s account.

Driving Range

The driving range hours match those of the golf shop.

Range baskets and balls are property of the golf course and are not to leave TCA property for any reason. Suspension of range privileges will result from removing balls or baskets from TCA driving range.

The driving range will close at 4pm on Tuesdays in order to clean pick the range and allow for mowing on Wednesday mornings.

During certain times the driving range will be deemed “Mats only”, this is to allow for healthy turf growth. Failure to comply with these restrictions will result in suspension of range privileges.

Range balls included with annual fees are the privilege of the paying player. Key fobs and range balls should not be given away to other players to use.  Juniors will need to check in to the pro shop to receive a PIN for range balls.

There is a $5 charge for lost key fobs.

Tournaments, Competitions & Handicaps

All tournaments administered by the golf course require a USGA Handicap to participate in the NET games. Handicaps can be acquired by all Annual Players at a cost of $25 for the year.

Players agree to post their scores promptly and accurately in accordance with USGA Handicapping guidelines. A full explanation of which can be found here. https://www.usga.org/handicapping/roh/2020-rules-of-handicapping.html . Failure to post accurate scores or posting of invalid scores can result in special handicap adjustments for tournaments or inability of the player to participate in NET tournament events.

TCA reserves the right to sell full field shotgun events for both courses as requested throughout the golf season. During these events there may not be tee times available or access to the driving range for a period of time. These events will be posted on the golf course webpage and communicated to all annual players at least 14 days in advance. They will be limited to weekdays (Monday-Friday) and tee times will be made available as the course becomes available either in the morning or afternoon.

Food and Beverage

All food and beverage consumed at TCA must be furnished from an employee of TCA.

Personal coolers will not be permitted anywhere within the clubhouse or outside patios.

Illegally consuming alcohol on TCA grounds will require temporary removal from TCA/JBA and multiple violations will result in suspension.


Smoking cigars, cigarettes, or e-cigarettes can only be done in designated areas on TCA grounds. Smoking will not be permitted in areas where food is served, including outdoor areas, in accordance with Federal and Local laws.


Repeated violations of the course Rules and Regulations will result in suspension of playing privileges. During suspension any annual fees will continue to be charged. Multiple suspensions will result in the termination of the Annual Greens Fee agreement.  First suspension will be the length of 14 days. Second suspension will be the length on 30 days. Third suspension will result in termination of the Annual Greens Fee agreement.

*TCA reserves the right to alter or update these rules and regulations throughout the year as needed. Any changes will be communicated to all AGF’s at the time of change.*

An updated copy can always be acquired by emailing General Manager Steve Dobson at steve.dobson@aafbgc.com .


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